King Shepherd Club of America Association


King Shepherd Club of America (hereinafter also referred to as KSCOA and/or Club) is a group of dedicated breeders (hereinafter also referred to as breeder and/or member) working together to develop the King Shepherd breed. All members of KSCOA are independent breeders.  Each breeder controls their breeding program.  Decisions and practices implemented by each breeder in their program are solely their own. All members assume liability for their  breeding program, breeding stock, pups produced, testing practices, sales, and all other policies, practices and procedures in their program.  All members must follow KSCOA Code of Ethics, Testing and Membership rules.

Management Committee: Linda Cook, Heidi Rowland, Mari McCullough and Michelle Johnson

Management Duties:  The duties, authority and responsibilities of the management committee are as follows:

  • Accept membership for approved breeders
  • End membership
  • collect the KSCOA registration and yearly web page running fees
  • Collect new KSCOA initial membership fee (includes all info added to KSCOA web page, introduction in KSCOA Facebook page (hereinafter also referred to as King Shepherd Network) as a new breeder and possibility to promote their kennel in King Shepherd Network.
  • Database maintenance for all King Shepherds and accepted outcrosses in the club
  • Implementation and/or discontinuation of rules, as deemed necessary by the Membership Committee.

Testing Rules:

Mandatory testing for breeding dogs:

  • Embark or equivalent genetic test comparable to Embark (including breed DNA)
  • Hips and elbows are  (may be done using OFA or PennHip). Hip and Elbow testing is recommended, however not mandatory at this time. 

OFA prelims is accepted and can be done starting at 6 months old (but better closer to 1 year old), PennHip starting 4 months old. Member can send xrays also to Management Committee to see and accept. OFA or PennHip documentation must be sent to Management Committee to upgrade their dogs Limited registration to Breeding Dog registration. 

All additional testing is at the discretion of the breeder.

Membership rules:

  1. Becoming a member
  • Unanimous vote by members for acceptance of any new breeder/member.
  • Must have and be able to prove breeding rights for their dog(s)
  • Must agree to work with a breeding mentor with release of mentorship at the discretion of the mentoring member.
  • Persons interested in becoming a new breeder, whether referred by an existing member or independently inquiring, will be subject to completion of an application and approval by the existing members.
  • Must follow all Club rules and Code of Ethics
  • Willingness to incorporate outcross in their program, if asked and/or upon agreement by management
  1. Ending a membership
  • Violation of rules and/or a breach of Code of Ethics may be subject to immediate termination by its members.

New Member Fee:  After acceptance, new member will submit a one time membership fee of $60.00. The Membership Fee includes addition of kennel and dogs to the KSCOA web page, introduction as a new breeder on King Shepherd Network Facebook page and the ability to promote their kennel and litters on the King Shepherd Network Facebook page.   In addition, new member will be provided access to the KSCOA Breeder’s Help and Info Chat, breeder discussion chat room.

Registration Rules:

  1. All KSCOA parented litters, new puppies and dogs, including approved outcrosses must be registered in King Shepherd Club of America. It should be noted, that the KSCOA, will recognize any dog already registered with ARBA, however registration in KSCOA is required under its parameters to obtain KSCOA recognition and historical preservation. 
  2. New potential breeding dogs will initially be registered with KSCOA with Limited Registration. Once testing is complete and acceptable test results have been submitted and approved by the Management Committee, registration will be upgraded to a Breeding Dog status.
  3. All test results must to be sent to Management Committee for review and decision on acceptance or denial of the upgrade to Breeding Dog status.
  4. All info (Embark test results, pedigree, OFA or PennHip) must be submitted to Management Committee.  All results will be stored in KSCOA files under breeder’s kennel.

Code Of Ethics:

  • I agree to breed only the best stock as stipulated by the King Shepherd Standard of the Breed to improve the breed for the future.
  • I agree allow a bitch to reach or exceed 18 months of age before breeding. Mandatory retirement age is set to age 6 years old.
  • I agree all animals bred shall have sound structure, conformation, and type (does not apply to outcross or foundation dogs), and shall be of sound temperament.
  • I agree as a breeder dedicated to the King Shepherd to represent my breeding stock with honesty and transparency.
  • I agree not to make misrepresentations regarding any specific dog, breeder or the King Shepherd breed in public, on private forums or via the internet and any and all social media platforms.
  • I agree to act in a professional manner in public when representing the breed and will refer questions to the members if I am not sure of the correct answer.
  • I agree to provide proper care, health, nutrition, socialization and training. All dogs/puppies should be kept in optimum conditions.
  • I agree that any King Shepherd I produce, with no exceptions, must be sold with a guarantee and uphold such in a timely manner.
  • I agree to support my fellow sanctioned breeders, by not making negative comments when discussing the breed or my fellow breeders/members with prospective King Shepherd owners, breeders, judges, media, etc.

Waiver of Liability and Release:

By affixing my signature to this Breeder’s Code of Ethics, I state that I have read, understand and will follow all of the conditions of the KSCOA Association Membership and the Breeder’s Code of Ethics. If I elect to violate any part of this agreement, I understand my breeding privileges may be suspended and/or cancelled by the KSCOA.

Additionally, I hereby release and hold harmless the KSCOA, King Shepherd Network and the Membership Committee for any and all actions, whether deemed to be personal or professional in the  policies, practices, procedures, advise, proceedings, rules, guidelines, amendments to Code of Ethics, market fluctuations, and any and all other activities associated with the KSCOA, King Shepherd Network page, and the Membership Committee.

I assume sole and full responsibility for my breeding program and its successes and/or failures, and loss or damages to myself or my property in pursuance of my breeding program.