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While KSCOA strives for breeder excellence. Buyers agree that KSCOA is a reference source of breeders only. Buyers agree to hold KSCOA harmless of any misconduct by listed breeders.

Kings aren’t just a “rare breed”…. They are a “unique breed” who fits in any lifestyle!

*WELCOME TO KSCOFA* King Shepherd Club of America. Our club is Association and we will give out our own registrations and pedigrees. Also we will keep database to all our dogs and litters! We do accept a new breeders/members, rules how to become a KSCOA member is under "new breeder/member application"

Now in Canada also!

“A bit of History”

KSCOFA is a club founded in 2015.origonally by 5 indivduals , 2 of which decided to go in a different direction leaving the group of 3 KS breeders who were so inspired by this magnifent breed, committed several years advancing and continued development of this rare breed. Invested in hand picking the best foundation kings to further develop this breed. The kings are still recognized today as a rare breed since founded in the late 90’s due to the small gene pool , smaller pack of foundation dogs, pedigrees, linages.

KSCOFA has preserved the integrity of this remarkable breed ever since, recgonizing in order to keep the breed what it is today KSCOFA has proudly sponsored a formed , re birthed the unity we are today with our breeders.

KSCOFA is proud to announce we bring over 30 + years combined excellence as KS breeders.

KSCOFA are the “largest” club united of 13 + breeders spread through out North America, While following and advancing the original founded standards of what makes a King, we can confidently align and commit to the future excellence of this majestic, and intelligent breed ,

The king shepherds are recognized a rare breed in development ,with collecting years of data , pedigrees, selecting the best foundation kings along side with diligent efforts selecting ONLY approved outcrosses will give you great confidence when choosing a king pup that we as a club remain passionate of the development of the kings,

KSCOFA team consists of genetic experts, years of pedigree data , Analysist study pedigrees to offer best paring recommendations committed to producing outstanding Kings, Our commitment within our club is to continue to back our breeding dogs with a unmatched priority to health , temperament testings placing our pups for families, companions, service , and therapy dogs,

Don’t take our word for it, check out our happy endings and our puppy buyers exciting new beginnings under our Testimonial link!

KSCOFA is not for profit, it is about passion,