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Coming soon (2026)

My name is Patricia,  and I had German Shepherds and horses for most of my life. I always loved the KING Shepherds, for their size, they are solid, slightly long, robust and muscular; they are also good with children and other animals.  

What I like in the KING SHEPHERDS are the outstanding, well-balanced nervous system, readiness, lack of inhibition, vigilance, faithfulness,  characteristics which makes the King Shepherd such a fine working dog, watch dog, and awesome companion! 

My breedings will follow strict health testings insuring the healthiest dogs.  I will also be working with reproductive veterinarians to ensure the healthiest deliveries.  My breeding dogs will go through extensive health testings which include both Dam and Sire of my females.

I am one (1) of two (2) breeders in Canada. Myself, in New Brunswick and Michelle in Calgary.

LOCATED: New Brunswick, Canada

Please Contact with us:

Patricia Lecouffe

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010080280799

Email: kingshepherdinnbcanada@yahoo.com

Phone: 1-506-987-0365